The 12 Things About Urban Radio™ are media planning and buying insights distilled from 5 years of research on urban radio. A  groundbreaking text that redefines urban radio's prowess as an American media enterprise and business model. Reports and dispatches from the new urban frontier delivered to you monthly (free). A video documentary taking you behind the scenes of the making of the book Urban Radio - Unlocked! and the discovery of the first social media.





1) Certification of Proficiency in Marketing Research Methods & Applications 

2) Certification of Proficiency in Quantitative Analysis, Burke Institute

3) Certification of Proficiency in Qualitative Research, Burke Institute 


Member of ESOMAR (Worldwide Association of Research Professionals) Vondealstraat 172 1054 GV Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Certification in Engineering Management and Professionalism (Category VII). Society of Broadcast & Cable Television Engineers.



Member of NAMIC (National Association of Multi-Ethnicity in Communications) New York, New York USA and NAMIC Carolinas Chapter


Member of AMA (American Marketing Association)


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