The 12 Things About Urban Radio™ are media planning and buying insights distilled from 5 years of research on urban radio. A  groundbreaking text that redefines urban radio's prowess as an American media enterprise and business model. Reports and dispatches from the new urban frontier delivered to you monthly (free). A video documentary taking you behind the scenes of the making of the book Urban Radio - Unlocked! and the discovery of the first social media.


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"I am considering citing your study in the last chapter which projects the possible future for...." Dr. Clint Williams. 
 Media Mogul Tries Remote Control, New York Times

“Minorities Need Arts-info Sources” by Cynthia Greenlee-Donnell, The Herald Sun Newspape From A Different Presence & Changing Force in the Triangle: African & Hispanic American Arts Attendance, A Study by Durham Arts Council

“Brave Small World: Entrepreneurs Gain Respect, Popularity in Corporate America” by Anne Krishnan, The Herald Sun Newspaper 
Urban Market Report: A Tapestry of Media & Life® citations:

“ESOMAR Study Finds Group Viewing Grows Among Minorities”, MediaPost’s, Media Daily News by Paul Gough

“TV One seeks cable’s basic tier” by David B. Wilkerson, CBS
Racism, Sexism, and the Media, Clint Wilson II, Ph.D., Sage Press
Digital Pipeline May be Narrowing:  New Study Finds... CableWorld, Anthony Crupi
“Study: Education Drives Minority Video Penetration”, Multichannel News by Mike Reynolds

Hispanic Market Report, Multichannel News

Case Study: The Urban Market Report by W.G. Smith & Associates,


         “A Day In The Life of an Urban General Manager” by R. Thomas Umstead, Cablevision

“Minorities See Cable Barriers” by Jim McConville, Electronic Media. Study by NAMIC: A Look Towards Advancement

“Minority Advancement Strong, except CEOs” by R. Thomas Umstead, Multichannel News. Study by NAMIC: A Look Towards Advancement

“Want to Pare Complaints? Try Some Body Language” and Operators Take Precaution to Avoid Trouble” CableWorld July & October 

“America’s Best & Brightest Men, Dollars & Sense

“Smith Named Among Best & Brightest”, Time Warner Connections.

Black Television Audience Heterogeneity: A Uses & Gratifications Approach (Master’s Thesis)
Communications/Entertainment Law Journal.

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