The 12 Things About Urban Radio™ are media planning and buying insights distilled from 5 years of research on urban radio. A  groundbreaking text that redefines urban radio's prowess as an American media enterprise and business model. Reports and dispatches from the new urban frontier delivered to you monthly (free). A video documentary taking you behind the scenes of the making of the book Urban Radio - Unlocked! and the discovery of the first social media.

Making Urban Radio Unlocked!
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"The structure of this rhythm is cyclical rather than linear, suggesting the interconnectedness of things. It seeks to hold, if only for a moment, the past and present in perfect tension."  New Power Generation, Hampton University  

We find the future by honoring the past and staying grounded in the present. W.G. Smith tracks and studies the dynamic trends arising from the urban market by offering brand, consumer market and media audience insights at the forefront of change.

W.G. Smith and Associates Media has released a new book 
Urban Radio - Unlocked! that unlocks the code behind urban radio’s timeless appeal and tremendous ratings prowess. It offers a new definition of what urban radio is today by offering critical insights for selling and buying urban radio.






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