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"The whole room was smiling." Audience participant.
W.G. Smith & Associate’s presentation at the Worldwide
Audience Measurement (WAM) Conference. 


Research Symposium - Media Audience Ratings and Ratings Analysis: Methods, Perceptions & Applications. Media Convergence & Urban Marketing. Morgan State University.

World Audience Research (WAM) Television Conference, Los Angeles, CA. Hosted by ESOMAR (World Association of Research Professionals) and ARF (Advertising Research Foundation). Urban Market Report: A Tapestry of Media & Life® presentation paper in competition for John & Mary Goodyear Award for “Best International Research Paper”.

Research Symposium: Access to New Technology: Barriers to the Information Superhighway. Morgan State University

             Sales and Marketing Executives of Durham “Leveraging Diversity”

Proven Marketing Strategies that Resonate with U.S. Hispanic Communities, World Research Group: Ethnic Sports Fans

Multicultural Career Conference: Minority Owned Businesses, Duke University

Research Symposium: New Voices, New Perspectives, and New Challenges in Communication, Howard University

South Carolina/North Carolina State Cable Association Joint Summer Meeting: Multicultural Cable Markets

North Carolina State Cable Association WINTER MEETING: Hispanic Growth in S.E.

MOBE (Marketing Opportunities in Black Entertainment): Urban Marketing

NAMD (National Association of Market Developers): Urban Marketing

NAMIC (National Association of Minorities in Communications): Hidden Markets

AMA (American Marketing Association) Triangle Chapter: Urban Marketing

Black MBA Triangle Association: Hidden Markets

CTAM (National Summit): Multicultural MDUs (Multiple Dwelling Units)

Atlantic (Eastern) Cable Show: Multicultural MDU Strategies

Cable Expo (Society of Cable Engineers): Customer Service for Technical Field Operation



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